Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association
           "Strengthening Anguilla's Tourism through Association"
Allied Members
Allied members of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Associations include businesses such as airlines, art galleries, banks, babysitting services, boat charters, car rental agencies, florists, shops, tourism services, wedding planners and many others. They are listed in this section in alphabetical order.

Alloyd Enterprises Limited 
"Alloyd's for all your engraving needs" 
Landsome Bowl Rd. 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla
Tel: 264-497-5622 

P.O. Box 400 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-5200 

Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) 
P.O. Box RI 4228 
Anguilla, BWI AI 2640 
Tel: 264-498-5922 
P.O. Box PW-5134 
The Valley, AI 2640  Anguilla
Tel: 264-582-6278 

Anguilla Community College
Rogers Office Complex 
George Hill 
P.O. Box 160 
The Valley, AI 2640 
Tel: 264-498-8395

Anguilla Ferry Shuttle and Charter Services
The GB Express
P.O. Box 1330
The Valley
Anguilla AI 2640
Tel: 264-235-6205 / 264-584-6205

Anguilla Tourism Channel 20 EYE TV 
The Eye of the islands 
351 E. Lakewood Road
West Palm Beach
Florida, 33405 USA 
Tel: 264-461-5892, X 412

AXA Yacht Services Ltd
P.O. Box 70 
Sandy Ground, Anguilla 
Tel: 264-854-3826

Benjamine Company Services 
P.O. Box 801 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-5270

Black Orchid Florist 
Sandy Ground
Tel: 264-235-7073 

Blue Sea Anguilla 
Tourism services company providing "Your Complete Anguilla Experience" 
P.O. Box 1076 
Palm Plaza, The Cove 
Tel/Fax: 264-498-BLUE (2583)

Cable and Wireless (Anguilla) Ltd. 
P.O. Box 77 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-3100

National Commercial Bank of Anguilla (NCBA, formerly CCB) 
P.O. Box 23 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-2571

ClienTell® Consulting, LLC 
P.O. Box 1639 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla
Tel: 264-497-7926

Digicel Anguilla 
Babrow Building 
Tel: 264-498-7500

First Caribbean International Bank 
P.O. Box 140 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-2301

Grands Vins de France Ltd
P.O. Box 1128 
South Hill, Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-6498

Irie Life Inc
South Hill 
Tel: 264-497-6526

Island Car Rental 
P.O. Box 26 
Mahogany Tree Road 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-2723

Limin Boutique
Unique Gifts, Jewelry and Apparel
West End
P.O. Box WE 8074
The Valley, Anguilla AI-2640
Tel: 264-583-3733 

Malliouhana Travel & Tours 
P.O. Box 237 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-2431 

Merchants Market Anguilla 
P.O. Box 1150 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-5533 
Fax: 264-497-5530 

National Commercial Bank of Anguilla (NCBA, formerly NBA) 
P.O. Box 44 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-2101

Regatta Travel Solutions
Online Booking Engine and Marketing Strategies
970 Windsor Road,
Charlottsville, VA 22901 USA
Tel: 786-853 0758
Fax: 758-397-1130

Richardson's Car Rental Agency
Rendezvous Bay West 
Tel: 264-498-8900

Scotiabank Anguilla Ltd. 
P.O. Box 250 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-3333

Shoal Bay Scuba 
P.O. Box 1482 
Shoal Bay East, Anguilla AI 2640 
Tel: 264-235-1482

Simply Natural by Yinka 
Landsome Road 
The Valley, AI 2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-5311

10a Pavilion Court 
Christ Church BB15 156 
Tel: 246-434-3434

Tradition Sailing Charters
P.O. Box 5218
The Valley AI-2640
Anguilla, B.W.I.

True Communications 
Public Relations and Communications Consultancy Services 
P.O. Box 5263 
The Valley AI-2640 Anguilla 
Tel: 264-584-8783

UWI Open Campus Anguilla
P.O. Box 1439
Queen Elizabeth Ave.
Pope Hill
The Valley, Anguilla. AI 2640
Tel : 264-497-8156
Fax: 264-497-2355

Webster Dyrud Mitchell 
P.O. Box 58, Anguilla 
Tel: 264-497-2060

What We Do In Anguilla 
Official Island Guide Magazine 
P.O. Box 1373
The Valley Ai 2460
Tel: 264-583-1443